Wednesday, July 14, 2010


We played in Buffalo, NY last night at a vegan cafe called Merge. There were originally three bands playing, us and two locals. The other full band dropped off the show last minute leaving only us and a singer/songwriter who goes by the name West Ferry. Things were off to a slow start so we ordered some vegan bbq wings, which were excellent. We were told that there were three different shows going on in Buffalo the night of our show at Sugar City, Mohawk Place, and at one of the other venues on the same block. West Ferry brought out a bunch of his friends and played an awesome acoustic set that everyone was really into. There ended up being about 10 of his friends and about 10 people hanging out at the "bar" so in total there were about 20 people there when we played. The stage was really tiny and with our drums and all of our amps we decided it would be best to just play on the floor. It was a really awkward situation for everyone watching but it ended up being a ton of fun. We were super loud inside this little cafe and the PA couldn't really keep up but after turning our levels down a bit everything worked out. West Ferry's friends and the bar folk really enjoyed our set and we were glad that we got the chance to play for them, especially on a Tuesday night with 3 other shows going on. ( A huge thanks to Ryan and the Queen City Booking crew for having us out on such a busy night.) We're heading to Lakewood, OH today to play at The Soggy Dog House. We've wanted to play there for a long time so we can't wait to see what tonight brings!

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