Tuesday, July 13, 2010



After the first day of Sincerity Fest we headed back to our friend James and Emma's house to make some food and shoot off some fireworks. The next day we woke up early and headed to Springdale, Pa where the fest was held at. We were playing first so we loaded in, set up, and got everything sound checked. At first it didn't look like many people were there, since it was so early but when we were sound checking a ton of old friends and new faces showed up to hangout. We played really well and had such a good time. Everyone was really receptive to our set and all of the other bands were incredible. A band called Broken Neck played and if you haven't heard of them, go listen to them right now here. They're a girl fronted Hardcore/Punk band from Pittsburgh and they are the best time ever. Yesterday we were told about an incredible swimming spot a few blocks away from the fire hall the fest was being held at, so a bit after our set we went to scope it out. It ended up being as awesome as we were told it was and it was nice to cool off for a bit. After we were done swimming we headed back to the fest to catch Torch Runner, Low Sky, and Advent. After everything was over we said our goodbyes and headed for Edinboro, Pa for tomorrows show. (July 12th) The show in Edinboro was originally at a house called The Dude Ranch, but due to complaints and cops getting involved previously we had to move it to the art building on campus. We went in, set up a PA in the hallway and brought the bands in. We played with Black Churches from MA, Slow Jams from Orlando, FL, and a band called Chalk Talk from Philly. Everything was going really smooth until one of the students working started complaining about the volume and how it was giving her a headache. Since we had no permission to be doing the show in the first place we decided it would be best to move the show into one of the actual rooms in the building. After Slow Jams was done playing we moved some tables around, brought the PA in and Chalk Talk started setting up. Their set was incredible and everyone was dancing and having an awesome time. They're awesome dudes and you should definitely also check them out here. We were headlining the show and were super thankful that everyone stuck around to hangout. We played one of the most intense and fun sets I've ever played in my life. The show was a %100 success and all of the bands were really stoked that it went so well. After trading some merch and cleaning up the building we said our goodbyes and wished the other bands the best of luck on the rest of their tour.

We're heading to Buffalo, NY today to play at a Cafe called Merge. Today is the last day we will be seeing all of our friends for two months and then we shove off for the west coast! Thanks so much everyone for making the show on campus really awesome. See you all in two months.