Saturday, July 17, 2010


From Buffalo, we headed for The Soggy Dog House in Lakewood, OH. Upon arriving, we roll up to one of the nicest neighborhoods I think Cleveland could produce. After a knock on the door we were greeted by a noble dude named Kenny and his dog Dudley (who is not the soggy dog.) Kenny showed us around, and after getting situated, we decided to head to the grocery store. When we returned the other band playing was there and we got the show started. The band that played before us was called Signals Midwest, and they were definitely one of the best bands we've played with on this tour so far. Listen to them here. There were probably only about 10 people that came out but it was such an awesome show. Between seeing Signals Midwest play an incredible set, and playing a really great set ourselves the night couldn't have gone any better. Afterward we all hung out on the porch and exchanged different tour stories and just funny stories in general. The next morning we headed into the city for an Iron Maiden concert at The Blossom. Eli, Brandon and myself didn't have tickets so we hung out in the bus all night. After the concert we drove to a Walmart somewhere outside of Cleveland and stayed there for a night. Around 3 in the morning, were woke up by frantic horn honking outside of our bus. Were thinking "well, here we go, it's time to get kicked out." We rush out of the bus and hear "hey, what're ya' doin' in there?" from some random kid. He said he decided it would be better to honk at us then to knock on our bus doors. He then proceeds to say " ya guys look like yer in a band from california?!?..." We told the kid we were a rock n' roll band from Pittsburgh that likes sleeping and told him to have a good night. When we woke up the next morning we decided to eat an avocado for breakfast. The only knife we seemed to have was my (Anthony) super sharp military issue knife. So here I am cutting this avocado on a plastic plate in the grass when (you can see where this is going) yes, I slip, and cut right into the base of my thumb. You know, that spot where everything connects. Here I am, running around this Walmart parking lot with this giant, disgusting gash in my hand. It's not bleeding because it was such a clean cut, so you could see all of the tendons and everything. We quickly GPS an emergency room and head there as quick as possible. Our GPS decided not to take us to an emergency room, but to a subdivision not even remotely near an emergency room. (Thank goodness there were two people outside that directed us to the hospital.) When we got to the hospital, after filling out my paper work I had to wait for two hours. PS: I have no health insurance. The doctor finally comes in, numbs up my hand, and stitches the wound shut. I filled out some paper work for financial aid and my place of residence said: "am homeless, living in my mini school bus." The hospital thankfully waved all of the emergency room/ waiting room fees and is only charging me for the work the doctor did. As soon as I was out, we had to head to St. Joe, IN because we were playing there in a few hours. After a 2 and a half hour drive, we made it there on time to hangout a bit before the show started. Our old friends in The Dead Records played first and were followed by the In The Day guys, who are awesome. Then Radio Empire played a solid set that everyone was really into. We played probably the sloppiest set yet on tour but no one seemed to mind. Everyone was dancing and screaming and singing along and we were really glad to be back in St. Joe, playing for such an awesome crowd. I blame the set on my nice battle wound, and the heat for warping Brandon's snare! After the show and the ritualistic rave at The Barn, we headed for Steph's house for a refreshing night swim. The water in her pond was probably about 95 degrees, and was the perfect way to celebrate a great show. We got a great nights sleep in an air conditioned house and all woke up feeling refreshed. By the way, I can't swim with my hand being the way that it is, so I had to wade around in the water like a grandpa. Everyone went swimming again in the morning, minus me, and they ended up putting a trampoline half in the pond to jump off of. While swimming, I cooked everyone breakfast. We ate potatoes and corn, a meal fit for the occasion. We said our goodbyes to In The Day and Radio Empire, who also stayed there, along with our dear friends Steph and Clay. We will be seeing them again in about a week and her mother will be removing my stitches. Woo! We just arrived at B414 in Michigan and are waiting for the show to start. We played here last year and had an awesome time. Thanks to our friends at Safe In Sound Booking for hooking it up!

So no swimming for now, no escaping the heat, just a bunch of waiting around and hoping my hand will heal up alright.

Also, go listen to In The Day over at their myspace here.