Saturday, July 10, 2010


We spent all day tuesday moving out of our house in the blistering heat, hauling boxes, amps, dressers, etc.. into our bus. We tied our bikes to the roof with some rope we found and hoped for the best.

After a day full of rushing around and running all of our final errands, we finally left on the first day of our summer tour! We drove a few hours to a town bordering Maryland to play a festival called Common Ground on Martin's Mountain. We were invited to play the fest last year but ended up showing up at 11 when everything was already over. It had been raining all day and as the fest's name suggest, it's on a mountain so we weren't sure if we'd make it up in our bus and we didn't know if anyone was even at the festival. When we got to the farm it's held at there were no cars in the parking lot and no one in sight. We were greeted by a kind woman who gave us schedules and sent us up the mountain to join everyone else. At the top there was a ton of people, an awesome stage, and a beautiful foggy view of the mountain. We thought we were playing at 9 but when we spoke with the sound guy he told us we were actually playing next, so we loaded all of our stuff out of the bus and got ready to play. A ton of kids that missed us last year came out to see us this time around, along with a ton of other people that were at the fest. Everyone was really into our set and it was definitely one of the best ways ever to kick off a tour. After we played we ended up selling a bunch of the new records, a few of the old ones, and a couple shirts. The festival is actually a weekend long and we we're super bummed that we couldn't stay for the whole thing. Our friends Jon Felton and Tara Toms are probably playing right now and we really wish we could be there.

We ended up leaving the festival at around 11:30-12:00 last night and made the 2 and a half hour drive back to Pittsburgh, to our good friends James and Emma's house. We rolled in at around 3 and went straight to bed. We're playing the second day of Sincerity Fest so today we're just going to be hanging out, enjoying not being in work, and watching a ton of awesome bands.

We're really stoked that people have been picking up the new record. We put a lot of time into it and we're really proud of how it turned out. This tour is definitely shaping up to be the best tour we've ever done. Thanks so much to everyone who came out last night, watched the set, talked with us, and had a good time. Also thanks so much to Jon Felton for having us back a second year. Definitely check out his band Jon Felton and his Soulmobile on myspace here.

Ps: After putting over $4,000 into our bus to get it fixed, our passenger side mirror decided to just explode while we were driving on the interstate, haha.