Friday, July 2, 2010


Hello everyone.
So this is our first official post, sort of. We've been really busy getting ready for our upcoming tour and the release of the record so we're just going to quickly recap the months events up to this point.

We've been practicing heavily every day for a while, working with our new drummer Brandon, and getting ready for the upcoming shows before tour. We have to move out of our house and practice space because our lease is up and we don't feel like paying $500 for a practice space while we're gone. On top of moving out, our bus just cost us $4,000 to fix, which is always awesome because money is so easy to come by, and because we have so much money, finishing, pressing, printing and packaging the record wasn't a problem either. Shirts we're cheap too, haha.

We just received the cd's in the mail though, and they look incredible. We're really proud of them and we're excited to get them into the hands of our friends! Last night was Corey's benefit show at The Hangout and we had a kind of unofficial pre-release of the record. We just got two new shirt designs made too and printed tons of new patches. All of the bands that played we're awesome and everyone had a really great time. People were really into our set and we ended up selling a ton of merch which was a huge help considering we're the richest people on the planet and aren't totally broke or anything. Thank you so much to everyone who came out and made the show so much fun.

Our friend Matt over at Emerald Moon Records helped us out with printing these awesome shirts!

Our good friend Brent's wedding is in Erie tomorrow along with our cd release show which is in Pittsburgh. We're going to catch the ceremony and then rush to Pittsburgh for the show. It's going to be a busy day full of awesome times.

It's only a matter of days before we get to start traveling around the country, finding the best swimming holes in town, making new friends, seeing old ones, and playing some of the sweetest shows ever.

We're going to be posting tons of stories and pictures from the tour, so things will start picking up around here once we're out on the road. We've just started sending our record out to get reviewed so there's going to be some reviews over in the press section in the coming week. There should also be some pictures up from the show yesterday soon!

Thanks everyone!