Sunday, July 4, 2010


Last night was our CD Release show at 222 Ormsby in Pittsburgh. At first we were getting pretty worried about the turn out for all the bands but then all of a sudden a pretty good amount of people showed up, and the show ended up being a total success. The Sunflower Spectacle opened the show and despite technical difficulties, played an incredible set as usual. Once they were loaded out The Edukators, a band we've wanted to play with and see for a long time, set up and played a really loud, awesome set. After those guys were done playing Worn Out Tigers played and I'm pretty sure that they blew everyone's mind. We have been trying to play with each other for so long but there has always been something messing everything up. They almost didn't play our CD Release but ended up being able to make it last minute which was awesome. When Worn Out Tigers were finished our new friends in the band Cloud Mouth, from Chicago played and absolutely ripped it. They're all really incredible dudes and you should definitely check them out at: and follow their blog at (

The show ended up going on for a really long time and when people stuck around for our set we were really grateful. Sometimes 5 bands in a row can turn into an overload of music. Regardless, it was a more than we could have asked for and it was such a good mix of awesome people,
and everyone had an awesome time. Cloud Mouth ended up crashing at our house afterward, and we all got to hangout for a little bit but everyone was really tired and we all ended up passing out quickly. After an awesome show, trading some merch, and briefly hanging out, Cloud Mouth said their goodbyes and headed off to Philly for their show today.

We're really starting to establish this network of awesome, hardworking people and bands. We've been very fortunate on this upcoming tour we're doing to be playing most of the shows we're playing. It seems like all of them are with tons of incredible bands at some of the most awesome houses an venues around. We're looking forward to seeing Cloud Mouth again at Castle Fest this summer in Bowling Green, Ohio along with a bunch of other great bands that will be playing.

Thank you so much everyone who came out to the show, the 222 Ormsby crew for making it possible, and thanks to all of our friends for playing. It really means a lot to us.

Here's a few more pictures from the show: