Sunday, July 24, 2011

Home From Tour!

Hey everyone! This is a long overdue update!

We have been from tour for a few weeks now and enjoying all our time with family and friends!
We ended our tour playing some incredible shows, the best being the 3rd Annual St Coreys Day. This fest means so much to us, we can't even put it in to words. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard on making it happen!! It gets better and better every year!!!

Here our some pictures from Guts & Glory's last set (RIP)
We ended our 65 day summer tour playing Common Ground Fest! Another fest that gets better and better every year and also means a ton to us!Tara TomsThis past summer tour was so amazing and went so well! Way beyond our expectations! We want to thank EVERYONE that helped us out! If you set up a show for us, if you came to a show, if you sang a long, if you gave us a hug, food, a floor to sleep on, a high five, if your band played with us, if you picked up a zine, if you let us pet/cuddle your cat or dog, if we spent the day talking about everything and nothing, we cant thank you enough!

Without you we wouldn't be able to live our dream <3
Biggest thanks and love go to The Wild, for making an absolutely incredibly beautiful split with us, and to Randy Stahl and Solidarity Records for helping make dreams a reality!

We will be on the road again for a month in October. East coast tour to and from Fest 10!!!

Here is just a short list of some of the amazing bands we played with on this past tour:

Our Lady
Dr Dinosaur
Wayne Arms
The Mighty Fine
Joyce Manor
Light Hearted
We Were Skeletons
Pedals On Our Pirate Ships
The Wild
Sleeping Spiders
The Pillowfights


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