Thursday, June 2, 2011

Out of the Desert

Here are all of our updated Dates for June!! We are half way through our tour!!
Hope we see you some time soon!!

June 4th - Lexington, KY - Hammer Head House (In Your House Fest)
June 5th - Nashville, TN - Little Hamilton w/The Wild
June 6th - Memphis, TN - St. Blues Guitar Workshop (Early Show!!) w/The Wild
June 7th - Ft Worth, TX - 1919 Hemphill w/The Wild
June 8th - Houston, TX - Sedition Books w/The Wil
June 9th - Austin, TX - Trailer Space Records w/The Wild
June 10th - San Antonio, TX - Baltimore House w/The Wild
June 11th - Beaumont, TX - The Art Studio
June 12th - Lafayette, LA - Frankies
June 14th - Tallahassee, FL - Coolifornia
June 15th - Gainesville, FL - 1982
June 16th - Tampa, FL - Crowbar
June 17th - TBA
June 18th - TBA
June 19th - Atlanta, GA - Wonderroot
June 20th - West Columbia, SC - One Unit Art Space
June 21st - Rock Hill, SC - The Courtroom
June 22nd - Greensboro, NC - Glenwood Coffee
June 23rd - Richmond, VA - The Rockgarden w/Pedals On Our Pirate Ships
June 24th - Fredricksburg, VA - The Chidester Ho
use w/Pedals On Our Pirate Ships
June 25th - Fredricksburg, VA - Read All Over Books
w/Pedals On Our Pirate Ships
June 26th - Philadelphia, PA - Dont Be A Jerk House w/Pedals On Our Pirate Ships
June 27th - Lancaster, PA - Senorita Buritta
June 28th - Pittsburgh, PA - 222 Ormsby w/The
June 29th - Punxy, PA - Punxy Community Center Light Hearted CD Release Party!!
June 30th - Ashtabula, OH - West End 2153
July 1st - Erie, PA - St Coreys Day Fest
July 2nd - Braddock, PA - Square One


All these pictures are from the last few weeks in May!

Waking up in Reno

Texas Toast House
Texas & Toast in their Punk Vests!

California and the Pacific

Sand Dunes, Arizona
Dry River Tucson, AZ

Stray Dog Freedom
Late Night Lunchbox Las Cruces, NM
We have been having such an incredible time on the road with our new friends Dr. Dinosaur!
Please check them out!!!

Dads Unite at Dads House in Albuquerque, NM

Return to Cuervo, NM

Also, we would like to leave you with Anthony's new side project that will be making their Debut Performance at In Your House Fest in Lexington, KY!
Hope you like it!