Sunday, March 13, 2011

Life is Grand!!!

Our release party for the LP of "The Devil, and Death, and Me" was yesterday and words can't even explain how awesome it was!!! We had such an incredible time!
Hopefully we will have some pictures and videos from it soon to share!!

We screen printed two color posters at AIR here in Pittsburgh!
If you live in Pittsburgh, its an incredible place and everyone there is so awesome and helpful! We plan on screen printing a ton of stuff there more often.

"The Devil and Death and Me" is streaming on Lexington Music Press!

And we got two incredible reviews this week!

Punk Rock Review
"If ever there was a band that should be labeled as “Antifolk” Run, Forever is truly it."


Picasso Blue
"Run, Forever just add a few Saddle Creek touches to their punk, which means they might garner comparisons to Anti-Flag but are secretly like Cursive. Devil is full of youthful energy, but it’s a concept album of sorts about growing up and the people who get left behind."