Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pre-Orders Start TODAY!!!!

Alright everyone! The day has finally come!!! Pre-orders for "The Devil, and Death, and Me" are now up at Solidarity Recordings! This record means so much to us and we are so proud of it! We can't even express how happy we are that Randy and Solidarity Recordings is helping us get this record into your hands! We want people to hear this record because we know that so many of us out there have lost someone they love dearly. We wrote this record for all of you, for all of our friends, for us, and in loving memory of Corey James Wolfram.

For that we will never be able to thank Randy and Solidarity enough.

The records official release date is 12/21! And we are excited for the future!!

To Pre-Order "The Devil, and Death, and Me" CLICK HERE!